Frank Gehry’s Superlight Chair Goes Disco

Frank Gehry’s Superlight chair for Emeco is reimagined by Parsons student Garrett Pruter as “Disco Chair,” designed to be covered in mirrored glass tiles and suspended from the ceiling.

Sure, Frank Gehry‘s designs look great, and some of them even have a good beat, but can you dance to them? Now you can, thanks to Garrett Pruter, an illustration student at Parsons the New School for Design who has reimagined Gehry’s Superlight chair, the 6.5-pound aluminum wonder designed for Emeco, as a disco ball. Pruter’s “Disco Chair” (pictured above, at right) is just one of the tweaked Superlights that resulted from a semester-long collaboration among Parsons, Emeco, and Design Within Reach. See them all tomorrow evening, when DWR hosts a reception for the project at its Chelsea studio in New York City. From 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Parsons Illustration chair (get it? chair!) Steven Guarnaccia, Emeco’s Dan Fogelson, and the student-creators will be on hand to discuss the designs, which also include a Superlight sprouting long locks of hair and Paul Kim‘s transformation of Gehry’s Superlight into a comic book tale (click “continued…” to see it). The designs will be on view through Friday at DWR in Chelsea.