Fox Vs. Buffy The Vampire Slayer


20th Century Fox is one of those companies that’s pretty laissez-faire when it comes to ruining customer goodwill for their properties. When that property is Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which aired on the rival WB and UPN networks, they’re pretty unconcerned with alienating their customer base — it’s better to take a swipe at that pesky rival network, anyway.

So, to make a long story short: Buffy fans started showing an all-musical episode of the show in theaters. Screenings in New York sold out. It developed a cult following. They took it on the road.

Then Fox’s lawyers attacked:

The studio, which owns the rights to the former WB (then UPN) dramedy, red-lighted the dress-up and sing-along tour this week, canceling all future screenings—including a three-night run scheduled to kick off tonight in St. Louis at the Tivoli theater, which had already sold out for Friday’s show. […] Once the ticket has been bought and the makeup applied, attendees are handed a goody bag replete with bubble soap, champagne bottle-shaped party poppers, vampire teeth and a list of rules—namely, sing.

Although Fox claims that the cancellation is related to issues around payment of residuals, the network has been notoriously lax about enforcing theater screenings of their other tv properties (coughSimpsonscough). That would indicate the punitive enforcement is related to the show’s WB Network roots.


(Image via E!Online)