Fournier Makes News

From 7/12 release: “High-profile leaders from the worlds of politics, media, and technology today announced the formation of, the first online community to unite Opinion Drivers from across the spectrum. Harnessing the power of social networking technology, HOTSOUP will serve as a public forum in which America’s 30 million influencers exchange ideas, voice opinions, and network with each other over the important issues of the day.”

“ is the creation of its ten co-founders — all-stars in their respective fields who realize that mainstream media, politics, business and popular culture are disconnected from the American public. ‘People want smart debate over the real issues, not the irrelevant and partisan discourse they’re getting now,’ the team said in a joint statement.”

The co-founders are: Ron Fournier, Mark McKinnon, Joe Lockhart, Matthew Dowd, Carter Eskew, Allie Savarino, Michael Feldman, John deTar, Chip Smith, and Bart Barden.

More release: “‘ is the next big thing in modern communications and community. It’s the new frontier of New Media,’ said Ron Fournier, editor-in-chief of HOTSOUP and former chief political writer for the Associated Press. ‘, like the Internet itself, will be the great equalizer. It will place every member of the community on a level playing field and let them sound off, square off and connect with fellow Opinion Drivers.'”