Four Ways to Succeed at Work Without Really Trying

Okay, we couldn’t resist! We should all try, right?

This piece on Psychology Today caught our eye. After all, it’s hump day and chalking things up to a midweek slump, we’re ready for Friday to arrive already. Who’s with us?

So, we need a little inspiration to keep our juices flowing until the end of the week. In her blog post, Peggy Drexler, Ph.D. points out several ways to focus on the good and simultaneously outshine the bad.

1. Focus on what you’re good at. Let’s face it, it’s easy to dwell on the tough projects or slight shortcomings like the inability to speak in public but she writes about highlighting all of the things you ace.

“Instead of laser focusing on your faults, or even improving your workplace weaknesses, incorporate into every workday something at which you excel: managing others, say, or writing compelling briefs. Similarly, instead of obsessing over a goal you didn’t reach, move on and focus your energy on current successes, and ones soon to come.”

2. Practice small steps. Break down those goals into mini ones and you’ll be good to go. Since long-term goals take a longer time to achieve, they may seem so far off and unattainable. Instead, she suggests balancing longer ones “with incremental goals along the way.” And then when smaller goals are achieved it’s time to celebrate!

3. Find the positive. Often times it’s not too hard to search for positive aspects about your job, company and colleagues.

4. Express thanks. The best part about showing gratitude is that it’s free and doesn’t really cost you a whole lot. The sentiment is worth its weight in gold and by showing thanks to your colleagues, you’ll not only feel better but you’ll boost someone else’s spirits as well.

Drexler points out, “The ability to express gratitude and appreciation is an important part of positive psychology and can easily be put in place at work, showing thanks to the coworker who filled in while you were sick or the one who praised your efforts in a group meeting.”