Four Rookie Moves to Stop Making at the Office

Let’s say you’ve been in media for oh, about 10 years now. Guess what? You could be making some major blunders at the office that make you look green. Really green.

If you want to look like a polished pro, it’s time to ditch the following habits that are making you look like a rookie, as pointed out by a blog post on U.S. News & World Report.

1. You’re late. We’re not talking about being late one day because your train was 40 minutes late to the station or because you got a flat tire. We’re talking repeated tardiness to the point where you not only show up late, you’re disheveled as well. The piece points out, “Nothing says, ‘I’m unreliable,’ quite like working on your own schedule with complete disregard for the needs of others.”

Want to go the other extreme? Impress by showing up a few minutes early instead.

2. Your etiquette is lacking. Not only is it rude to check your mobile phone during meetings, it shows a lack of interest. So does talking over others, interrupting, and taking jokes a bit too far. Instead, just be mindful about others and respectful. Plus, people will enjoy being your presence if they’re put at ease instead of feeling standoffish.

3. You lack perspective. Watch the news much or read the headlines on a regular basis? Good, we knew you did. We’re more concerned about people who live and breathe by their own little bubble and ignore the world around them.

Lucky for us in the media world, most of us pretty much have an insatiable appetite for the news but there’s nothing more important than your soft skills. Your ability to talk about the real world as well as see your job and industry in the big picture to stay current and relevant are priceless. Being clueless on the other, is not.

4. You’re disorganized. We realize every now and then things can get pretty hectic and as such, so can your desk. We get it. But when it’s a continuous thing and your desk is ridiculously disorganized, perceptions about you and your abilities to perform on the job are reflected as such. If you want to be taken seriously at the office, do your best to create a clean and functional desk. Seriously.