Four Clues to an Unprofessional Résumé

unhappy-computer-keyYour résumé is essentially putting your best foot forward. So why have it riddled with mistakes? When we worked in recruiting that was the biggest red flag ever. Mistakes weren’t only indicators of a poor candidate, there were other issues, too.

TheLadders recently pointed out these snafus in one of their posts so we simply have to share:

1. Random or cute email accounts. Please don’t have an account that reads something like this: “” Puh-leeze. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a professional sounding account or at least one that’s you’re own. Please avoid including joint accounts on your résumé even if it’s what you currently use 24/7. Examples include or

2. Failure to proofread. Some fonts may look out of joint and the spacing may be screwed up, too. That’s not including some typos and inconsistent dates, too. If you’ve looked at your CV countless times, simply send it to a friend to eyeball it and point out any errors. Also,

3. Pictures. In some countries it’s typical to include a headshot on a résumé but in this country? Not so much. Not only is it not common, it can also open a can of worms regarding discrimination matters. Employers mustn’t discriminate based on looks and right there you’re providing a picture for them to judge.

Plus, large attachments in a file may choke an applicant tracking system, the system known for receiving your documents. Recruiters diligently review the ATS and some documents may not be received properly.

4. Lazy words. Whatever you do, please don’t use “etc.” on your résumé! Use the actual word instead. If you can’t take two seconds to outline your job responsibilities, experiences and skills, why should the recruiter take time to seriously evaluate your candidacy?