Former MTV Prez Searches for Job on YouTube

jaklafjkldsafds.jpgMichael Wolf (not to be confused with Michael Wolf or Michael Wolff), who once upon a time was MTV Networks president and chief operating officer, wants a new job. His non-compete just expired (Really? Who has a 17-month non-compete?) and he’s on the prowl for a position of power. His application method of choice? A YouTube video.

In the clip (brought to our attention by Thomas Crampton), Wolf uses words like “dichotomy” and “functionality” and says things such as “traditional media companies have to niche themselves,” so you know he’s hip to the new media world. Then again, at 4:31, it’s too long for our middling attention span.

The question that jumps to our mind: Is YouTube the new or, perish the thought, our own job board? (See GQ‘s feature about Journey finding a new Filipino lead singer on YouTube for another example.) Sub-question: Could we have just solved YouTube’s revenue problem? Probably not, but maybe Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Larry Page and Sergey Brin should give it some thought.

Wolf’s vid after the jump.