Former John and Ken Victim Stands Up for KFI Duo

Local social commentator Jasmyne A. Cannick is no stranger to the wrath of John and Ken.

Cannick’s cellphone number was read on-air and posted on the KFI website in 2005 over a protest she organized against the death penalty and execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams — similar to what immigrant rights activist Jorge-Mario Cabrera went through last month.

Cannick wrote an op-ed Monday for the Daily News on how to handle the conservative duo.

Her advice? Drop the boycott and focus on registering voters:

“I understand why Jon and Ken did it. Had it been my show, I’d have done the same thing. As a professional communications director and press secretary, these types of things just come with the territory.

What I didn’t do was call on the NAACP to boycott the John and Ken Show or its advertisers or waste my time trying to get them kicked off of the air. Why? Because even though I don’t agree with John and Ken on most of the things they say regarding African-Americans, as a faithful, die-hard listener, I appreciate that there’s at least one L.A. radio station addressing the issues, regardless if I agree with its position.

John and Ken get Angelenos talking and move us to action – either for or against them. If there were no John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, who would talk about issues like immigration, the death penalty, taxes, and crooked politicians on the air?

Certainly not any of the L.A. radio stations geared towards Africans-Americans. There all I can expect is the same 10 hip-hop and R&B songs and who wore what on the red carpet.

I don’t pretend that John and Ken are angels when it comes to immigration – legal or illegal. But they wouldn’t be one of the most popular radio stations if there weren’t many listeners who agreed with them. Opponents of John and Ken on this issue need to understand that. There are people in California who are not in favor of illegal alien immigrants.

Here’s a tip for Cabrera. If he really wants to beat John and Ken, register his constituents to vote and make sure they show up at the polls in droves.”

Considering John and Ken have lasted this long in Los Angeles with great ratings, it’s going to take a lot more than a cellphone number to get the attention of advertisers.