Former Intern Drops Lawsuit Against CBS & Worldwide Pants

CommunityJournalismBLogFIIt’s been a while since intern lawsuits were in the news which is precisely why this headline caught our attention.

The proposed class-action suit filed by former intern Mallory Musallam against CBS and Worldwide Pants has been dismissed by the plaintiff.

That’s less than a week after Musallam filed the complaint. The original claim alleged that New York’s minimum wage and overtime laws were violated during her 2008 internship.

According to The New York Post, she apologized for the lawsuit and accused attorneys of coercing her into suing. She also alleged the attorneys reached out to her via LinkedIn, emails and the phone before the six-year statute of limitations was going to end on her 2008 internship.

Per the piece she explained, “While I am ultimately responsible for my actions as an adult, I was caught in a weak, vulnerable time, facing student debt.”

The former intern added, “The inveigling suit squad assured me that my intern work was little more than indentured servitude under newly established laws and that I was just one among other participants.”

Last week when the suit was originally filed, CBS released a statement:

“This lawsuit is part of a nationwide trend of class action lawyers attacking internship opportunities provided by companies in the media and entertainment industry. We pride ourselves on providing valuable internship experiences, and we take seriously all of our obligations under relevant labor and employment laws. We intend to vigorously defend against the claims.”

While Musallam has asked for David Letterman’s forgiveness, his spokesperson told the newspaper he is “respectfully declining to comment.”

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