Former Execs Look to Tap Boomer Market With Parentgiving Site

Three entrepreneurs are jumping into the Web publishing/e-commerce arena with the launch of, a new site aimed at baby boomers tasked with caring for aging parents.

The service-oriented site features original content on topics ranging from home and bath safety for elderly parents to dealing with the onset of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Also covered: navigating the financial issues that arise as parents age. The site will also aggregate relevant headlines from sources like Reuters and the New York Time. In addition, co-founders Lynn Altman, David Zoll and Bob Silver — each of whom have personal experience with aging parents — will blog on the subject on a weekly basis.

Silver sees a void in the market for such a site. When dealing with both his own parents’ deteriorating health from afar in recent years, Silver said he struggled to find complete information in one Web venue. “That was a totally fragmented experience,” he said. “There was absolutely no place that put it all together.”

Plus, he and his partners saw a growth opportunity given the expected population surge of 80-plus adults, many of whom don’t necessarily live near their children. “This is aimed at that 50 year old who is trying to still take care of [his or her] own kids and mom and dad.”

Parentgiving will eventually be ad-supported, though the plan is to first build traffic through search engine optimization. Initially, the company expects to draw revenue from e-commerce (it sells a variety of elder care-related products, such as walkers and bedrails) and through referrals to professional care services.

The site currently offers a 1-800 number that connects users to licensed care workers for a fee. It will eventually earn a cut from referrals to local elder care businesses, said Silver.

“We knew that just relying on advertising as a revenue model would be tough,” he said. “At this point we are self-funded and capital is not an issue.”