Former BuzzFeed Writer Lands Fox Sitcom Writing Job Based on Witty Tweets

This just in…if you’re particularly cognizant about keeping your social media accounts professional and polished, you’re pretty darn prudent (like we didn’t already know that).

When it comes to social media though you can take it one step further and consider it your online portfolio.

Instead of being overly conscious about having it cost you your job, leverage it to create some buzz and snag a new one. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s just what happened to Jack Moore, co-writer @SeinfeldToday.

His tweets about a modern Seinfeld were essentially loglines of potential show ideas if the classic NBC show aired today. In addition to writing some scripts, the tweets resulted in interest from Hollywood and inking a contract with the Us & Them sitcom writing staff.

He tells THR, “I was basically pitching storylines, which is a huge part of being on a writing staff. Here’s 400 [of them] that illustrated a skill set.”

Here are a few examples from the Twitter feed that boasts 621,000+ followers including Jason Alexander.

“Elaine lies on her online dating profile to sound classier. Jerry’s new gf is obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, gets Jerry hooked.”

“George claims to be EL James, author of 50 Shades of Grey, to impress a woman. George doesn’t know that EL James is woman. Jerry hates kale.”

“Kramer is addicted to Candy Crush, but suspects one of the levels is impossible to beat. ‘They’re modern day carnies, Jerry! It’s a con!'”