Former AMC Projectionist Joins San Diego Film Critics Society

Though not nearly as large as the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the San Diego Film Critics Society is gradually adding to its ranks. Three more writers were voted in this week, upping the SD total to 18 (compared to LAFCA’s 55).

FishbowlLA favorite (and current SDFCS member) Scott Marks welcomes the three new members via a piece in the San Diego Reader. Along with kind words for Josh Board and Glenn Heath Jr., he has this to say about Danny Baldwin (no relation to Alec, William, Stephen, or Daniel):

Oddly enough, of the three inductees, the gentleman that I’m least familiar with is the one I sponsored. Twenty-two-year-old Danny Baldwin had been writing criticism for years before I caught up with him a few months back.

The first day we met, the former AMC projectionist took the time to bring me up to speed on the art of digital projection. When it came time to vote, my defense was uncharacteristically short: “Danny is a terrific writer who, in one hour, taught me things that I don’t know about movies.”

Baldwin’s reviewing nomenclature is tied to the salty premise of popcorn buckets, four being the top rating. To read some of his reviews, go to