Forget Ringtones, Now Switch Up Your Cell Phone’s Font

If you’re like us, you find your cell phone’s immutable display typeface blocky and depressing. Maybe it’s time to move to England! There you can avail yourself of FlipFont, a new service that offers downloadable, mobile-optimized fonts to replace the factory-installed default that kills your design mojo. Developed by Monotype Imaging (the company behind, among other font-related offerings), FlipFont is currently available only on select cell phones serviced by Vodafone UK, but the goal is to expand the service to operating systems and service providers worldwide.

“Users have tried to change their phone font and have ‘broken’ their phone in the process, so we’ve collaborated with Vodafone UK to ensure FlipFont is safe, fun, and easy to use,” said Monotype Imaging marketing director Julie Strawson in a press release issued today. The service launches with a menu of ten scalable fonts, ranging from Dennis Pasternak‘s ITC Stylus (based on freehand architectural lettering) to the robust Musclehead. Prices start at £1.99 (about $3.19 at current exchange rates) per font. For those inclined to typographical restlessness, FlipFont includes a utility that allows customers to ‘flip’ to use a different font, or access additional fonts that can be previewed, licensed, and downloaded. AT&T, jump on this!