Forget “R” and “PG-13” – Madison Avenue has the real ratings system…

So Omnicom‘s Davie-Brown Talent will launch a service offering a more finely tuned measure of the value of individual celebrities to marketers. spears.jpeg.jpg

Per Backstage,

“The so-called Davie-Brown Index, or DBI, will be compiled and managed by i.think inc. based on surveys of its 1.5 million-member research panel that is demographically balanced across the country, said Jeff Chown, president of Davie-Brown Talent, which spearheaded the new initiative. More than 1,500 celebrities will be included in the index, which evaluates celebrities based on eight key attributes: appeal, notice, trendsetting, influence, trust, endorsement, aspiration and awareness.”

We shudder to think where Britney stands on such a scale; clearly, she’s already helping the U.S. Department of Transportation as an endorser of its new car seat campaign.