Forget Chanel-gate, Reese is walking through Endeavor’s gate

EXCLUSIVE: FishbowlLA has learned that Reese Witherspoon is signing with the Endeavor talent agency. (And this despite still reeking of Kirstin Dunst‘s pheromones.) 1371645.jpg

Having just made headlines for winning a Golden Globe for her performance as June Carter Cash in Fox’s “Walk the Line,” Witherspoon had previously been repped by the William Morris Agency‘s Steve Dontanville, who retired last year after becoming supremely disaffected with show business. Witherspoon bailed out of Morris shortly thereafter.

She’ll still be repped by Management 360 Evelyn O’Neil, who’d been cozied up to by Endeavor partner Patrick Whitesell in recent weeks.

Informed of the news, CAA‘s talent mega-magnet Kevin Huvane beat his second assistant into a pulp using only his phone handset, but immediately regained his composure after drowning several kittens in a special I.M. Pei-designed marble feline-drowning pool built for Michael Ovitz back in 1988.