Ford’s Theater Museum Set to Re-Open After Two Years of Renovations


Speaking of restoration, while most people would say that it probably isn’t the wisest idea to be opening a museum right now, they would likely reconsider if they knew they had the power of Abraham Lincoln at their side. So it is with the National Park Service finally re-opening the Ford’s Theater Museum in Washington D.C., following its nearly two-year closure for renovations and various updates. Fortunately in this era of unfinished projects, the Park Service managed to finish everything up and will re-open the museum today (the theater in which Lincoln was shot, was also restored and had re-opened back in February, catching all of the inauguration visitors), complete with a batch of new exhibits:

New exhibits include re-creations of Lincoln’s theater box, his White House office and Mary Surratt’s boarding house. The renovated museum will house many historic artifacts, including the derringer that John Wilkes Booth used to shoot the president and the suit and boots that Lincoln wore to Ford’s Theatre the evening of April 14, 1865, when was assassinated.