Ford Death Provides Agent Opportunity To Remind Publishers Of Client’s Unsuccessful Ford Book Pitch

ford_assassin_book.jpgYou know that Gerald Ford book pitch you’ve had sitting on your desk since the mid-80s? No time like today to dust it off!:

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Los Angeles, CA, December 28, 2006

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Assassin’s Faulty Gun Saved President Gerald Ford’s Life

“The only thing that saved him from a bullet between the eyes was the fact that the sight on the pistol she used was six inches off,” according to Geri Spieler‘s research for her book about Sara Jane Moore, “I’m Sorry I Missed, Mr. President” which is currently being shopped to NY publishers.

If Sara Jane Moore had used her own gun, she would have “blown his head off,” according to the FBI investigators of the 1975 presidential assassination attempt. Moore was not the “lone crazy middle-aged nut shooting widely” the press presented her to be.

Spieler, a San Francisco journalist, met Moore thirty years ago when Moore was incarcerated at Terminal Island prison. After years of letters, calls and visits, Spieler decided to write about the only woman who every fired a bullet at a U.S. president. Through her research she uncovered the many facts of the case never publicly revealed by the press, state and federal governments. Spieler found that the FBI didn’t want Mrs. Ford and the American people to know how close Ford came to being killed.

Spieler is available for a phone or in-person interview.