Ford: Built for the Yellow Brick Road Ahead

If there’s any lesson to be learned from GM‘s disastrous exercise turning its branding over to amateurs, it’s this: Don’t do it.

A month ago, GM learnedthat the hard way, when a competition to come up with a new Chevy Tahoe commericial yielded hundreds of ads like this one. Indeed, as Advertising Age reported, over 15% of the ads actually attacked Chevy.

So, naturally, what is Ford doing? Following suit. Sort of.

From today’s New York Times,

“Project Runway, meet Monster Garage. That is the gist of a concept executives at the Ford Motor Company are tossing around for a new reality show. While corporate sponsorships of reality shows are nothing new — Ford has been a prominent sponsor of “American Idol” — the company is looking to produce the show itself in the hope of reconnecting with younger consumers who have drifted away to other brands like Honda and Toyota.”

This seems like a great show to try out for – if you’re an eco-terrorist.

“We’ve designed a new car. It’s called the Lincoln Continental…Drift. So big, it actually begins in North America and ends in Eurasia.”

“Go to commercial! Go to commercial!”

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