Food Network Magazine Increases Rate Base

Food Network Magazine, one of the few magazine success stories this year, announced another rate base increase. The title will go to 1.25 million with the July/August issue from 1 million.
The magazine, a joint venture of Hearst and Food Network that blends recipes with celebrity chef lifestyle coverage, started as a test in October 2008 with a rate base of 300,000. Since then, the rate base has climbed to 1 million in Jan/Feb.
FNM had originally planned to go to 1.1 million in July/August, but its just-released Audit Bureau of Circulations’ publisher’s statement indicates a total paid circulation of 1.2 million for the six months ended Dec. 31, a bonus of nearly 500,000 copies.
With average single-copy sales of 357,681 in the second half, FNM outsold established food magazines such as Bon Appétit and Cooking Light on the newsstand and came close to Every Day with Rachael Ray, whose single-copy sales averaged 367,744.
FNM plans to publish 10 issues in 2010 after publishing six issues in 2009.

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