Food Is The New Black: Food Websites Fueled By Mini-Bubble

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Food is suddenly the “it” topic in digital media, so if you’re looking for a job and you like to eat (and who doesn’t?), you may do well to examine the foodie sphere.

MinOnline says that what’s happening in food media right now mirrors the proliferation of online gossip/celebrity websites a few years ago like TMZ and PerezHilton. “The food space is getting crowded quickly and differentiation becomes difficult.”

Of course, this piece touts Parade’s new and is written by the GM of Parade Digital, but we do see a trend in food websites: there’s Spanfeller Group’s The Daily Meal, the Gourmet iPad app, and so forth.

If you’re looking to get into food, we’ve compiled a list of mediabistro resources for you. You’ll need to be an AvantGuild member to access many of these.

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