Fonzi Relapses With C-Word

Earlier this week we reported that a viewer named “Fonzi” (formally known as @mrfonzerelli) called The Daily Caller‘s Mary Katharine Ham a “c–t” over Twitter after she appeared on FNC’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Needless to say, Ham’s reaction was a mixture of outrage and a gnawing feeling that Fonzi had attacked not just by way of her gender but because of her conservative ideology.

In his original tweet, “Fonzi” wrote,” I really can’t stand this Obama hating right-wing puppet/mouthpiece c–t @mkhammer.”  (We’ve dashed out the full word.) Fonzi retracted his name calling and apologized but maintained that her FNC appearances annoyed him. Ham publicly scolded him and said reasonably arguing with someone after they call you such an epithet was less than desirable.

But within 24 hours and two tweets later, the alleged LA-based tweeter was back at it, calling a woman the c-word: “U chemically blonde C–T, stop referencing me! You’re trash! Typical looking OC woman w/ a sun fried chest & much needed Botox.”

Come on Fonzi, learn your lesson.