"This Person Started Following You On…"

Twitter is rolling out a new hovercard feature to Twitter.com that will allow you to see basic details about any user when you mouseover their name or avatar. It’s a good idea, and one that’s long overdue.

But what I’d also like to see is some additional information that says something like, ‘This person started following you on…’ and then the exact date and time when our relationship began. This should be available everywhere we see information about our followers, including on their profile. I’m confident it’s already in the metadata, so it’s simply a case of making it public. I don’t want to have to look it up – I want it right there, on Twitter, all the time.

This would tell me a number of things, but in particular knowing that a given user had potentially seen the things I had tweeted about over a period of many weeks and months gives me an immediate insight into what they are saying to me now. Because feeling like you might have to explain yourself is only slightly bit better than actually having to do it.

PS. While you’re here, why is it that when I visit somebody’s profile it tells me when I’m following them, but not the other way around? Most of the time I already know the former; the latter, either way, can be quite a surprise.