Follow HashTags With New App

Following a hashtag just got easier, thanks to a free new app from Lemon Labs. The app production company has built an iOS app called HashTag app that lets users follow a particular interest on Twitter and Instagram on their iPhone or iPad.

Here is more from the app’s iTunes listing: “We know it is hard to keep up with all what’s happening around the world, especially at events and not everyone wants to tweet or take pictures all the time. Or sometimes the conversations are happenning is on the different time zone and all you want is to catch up with the most important announcements.”

TechCrunch has more: “The app was designed for events and conferences (like #tcdisrupt, of course). However, you can use it to follow any hashtag of interest – not just those related to an event. Another nice thing about the app is that you don’t have to login to either Twitter or Instagram to use it. You just launch the app, enter a hashtag and go.” (Via TechCrunch).