Focus Web Design on Quick and Easy, Says Jakob Nielsen’s Usability Report


Well, now that we’ve gotten to know you, we feel like we’ve got to start making these posts short, sweet and immediately to the point. At least that’s the case if you go off Jakob Nielsen‘s latest web usability report. In it, he says that web users are getting “more ruthless and selfish,” meaning that they want to get onto a site, get what they need, and get right out. No dilly-dallying, hunting for information on a site, or waiting for those super-exciting, animated pages to load. He also reports that people are getting more savvy with the web as well, no longer getting duped by ads or marketing tricks at the same rates they had before. What does this mean for you? Start living by a mantra of simplicity and substance and you should be fine. For the rest of you: maybe a new animated gif on your Geocities page might work. Here’s a bit:

“The designs have become better but also users have become accustomed to that interactive environment,” Dr Nielsen told BBC News.

Now, when people go online they know what they want and how to do it, he said.

This makes them very resistant to highlighted promotions or other editorial choices that try to distract them. “Web users have always been ruthless and now are even more so,” said Dr Nielsen.