FNC’s Ed Henry: Forget Ali, Baier is My New Love

Who is CNN’s Ali Velshi again?

FNC Ed Henry’s new bromance is, as we predicted, with his new colleague, Bret Baier. He first hinted about it over Twitter, gushing about the greatness of his new coworker. At CNN Henry’s main squeeze was Ali Velshi — the two would banter on air any chance they got. But now Ali’s a third wheel, a thing of the past and Baier is the new focus of Henry’s attentions.

But it appears the chemistry with Baier has been building for awhile. After all, when you work so closely with other broadcast journos, it’s really not as contentious as people think. Right?

Here’s what Henry had to say to Men’s Health:

“…Here’s the thing about news rivalries. I now work on the same team as [Fox News anchor] Bret Baier, but for a long time we were competitors and rivals. But we would also travel around the world together on press charters following President Bush to a dozen countries. You end up having a beer with a guy or sitting next to him on an 8-hour flight and you get to know each other as people. So I think people make too much out of the network rivalries. My wife works at CNN, we met there and I had 7 great years there. So I’ll always have nice things to say about the people there. If I don’t, I’ll get in trouble with my wife.”

So long Ali.


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