FNC’s Baier Faces Groundswell of Reaction

Things are getting otherworldly on FNC’s Bret Baier Twitter feed as he gets doused with reaction to last night’s GOP presidential debate in Ames, Iowa, which he moderated with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace and journalists from the Washington Examiner. He’s gracefully responding to even the worst of messages as he gets barraged with reaction to questions he and others on the media panel asked. Topics include the doorbell sound used in the debate as well as pointed demands for retweeting and replying to the messages on Twitter.

But this one in particular caught our eye:

Conservative political activist Sandra Czyznikiewicz writes, “Bret Baier, do you guys write your own questions or are they given to you by slightly drug-induced writers? I still like you though :)”

Other good, bad and ugly reactions:

“You’re like the most courteous person I’ve ever seen on the Intarwebz.”

“Really? Brett, I am very disappointed in your coverage and the debate.” (He replied, “Thank you for letting me know.”)

“The doorbell made my dog bark everytime 🙂 haha”

“I agree with Rush, the doorbell drove me nuts. It sounded too much like our doorbell.”

“@Bret_Baier please RT me so I know you can read my tweets.”

“Fox botched the pacing & the questions were sometime wanting but kudos to @bret_baier for responding to people directly on Twitter today.”

“Brett … do you actually SEE the replies we send?”

“@Bret_Baier I looked fwd to ur hosting last night’s debate until the FIRST PERSON went against ur ‘don’t blather’ rule and you said nothing.” (He replied, “What would you have done?”)

“I thought u guys were very good last night. Nothing’s ever perfect. I’d give u a B+” (He replied, “I’ll take it, thanks.”)

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