Flurry Report Reveals That 90% of iOS Apps Are Free

The average cost of an app is on the decline. According to a new report from mobile analytics company Flurry, in 2011 80% of apps in Apple’s App Store were free. In 2012, 84% were free, and by this year 90% of App Store apps are free.

Here is more from the Flurry blog:

Some might argue that this supports the idea that ‘content wants to be free’. We don’t see it quite that way. Instead, we simply see this as the outcome of consumer choice: people want free content more than they want to avoid ads or to have the absolute highest quality content possible.

Flurry also revealed that Android users are even less willing to pay for apps than iOS users. In fact, according to the company’s research, as of April 2013, the average price paid for an Android app was $.06. Comparing this to iOS devices, consumers paid an average of $.19 for an iPhone app and an average of $.50 for an iPad app.