FLASH: Penguins Face Starvation

The KidsPost section, on the back of the Style Section, in the Washington Post offers an almost unending font of kid-friendly knowledge and news. KidsPost has been closely tracking the impending iceberg collision off Antarctica. Today it offers us this:

The 100-mile-long iceberg that scientists thought was about to slam into a huge Antarctic glacier seems to have run aground. And that’s bad news.

The berg, B15-A, and a buildup of ice behind it are now in the path of ships due to arrive soon with food and fuel for three research stations. There is no immediate danger to the researchers; however, thousands of penguin chicks face starvation because parent penguins now must trudge up to 110 miles to open sea to find food.

Somehow I don’t think we’ll see Anderson Cooper broadcasting live from the impending disaster just yet. Although seeing Dan Rather surrounded by so many cute penguins might just be what his image needs….