FiveThirtyEight Looking for Two Good Interns

FiveThirtyEightLogoWhat does “pink grammar” mean? if you can figure that out, you might have a small-talk, job interview edge with regards to the pair of paid summer internships shared today by Carla Correa (a.k.a. @pinkgrammar).

A more certain lingo-advantage for those interested in the “data reporter” or “computational journalist” position will be a familiarity with “Python and Ruby.” If your first thoughts are to wonder why on earth FiveThirtyEight requires expertise in UK sketch comedy and the JFK assassination, this is probably not the low-salary job for you.

Both internships run from June 9 through August 14, at the New York office. Candidates should be enrolled in at least one course at the time of application and graduating this summer, fall or next spring.

In keeping with the cutting-edge ambition of Nate Silver’s enterprise, FiveThirtyEight HR will not deign to look at any emails for this. You must apply online. And if you can somehow cleverly reference the idea of a Silver commencement address at your school, the Python and Ruby stuff may not matter quite as much. Good luck!

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