Five Ways to Cultivate More Time for Creativity

vision If you’ve ever hustled to meet deadline after deadline, submitted invoice after invoice or timesheet, you’re not alone. Who has time to create new content when you’re constantly cranking it out?

That’s why this piece from Forbes is oh-so-important. Here are five ways to carve out more time for creativity.

1. Daydream during breakfast. In the piece, one source actually goes to his local coffee shop by 5 a.m. Yes, we said a.m. He buys a newspaper but spends most of the time “staring into space.” By not distracting himself with emails, voicemails or lists, he simply sits and thinks. Think and dream big before you begin to embrace the day.

2. Simplify. Become more organized and reduce time (not to mention stress) involved with trying to find that elusive file. One idea spurred by the piece involves creating an agenda for the following day with necessary supporting materials ready to go before you log off the previous night.

3. Rock out to lunch. We’ve heard this so many times but we must confess, we scarf down lunch in front of our laptops too many times to admit. Experts recommend taking lunchtime to truly detach. Walk away from your desk; trust us, everything will be there in 30 minutes when you return. The piece suggests “finding some place where you could find 30 minutes to get away from everything.”

4. Relax. Why is it the best ideas typically come when you’re on a treadmill or in a shower? Maybe because you’re detached from devices, maybe you’re simply more relaxed. The more you attempt to become stress-free, the more you’ll likely increase your chances of having a beautiful light bulb moment.

5. Create breaks for “me” time. Do not work directly through the day and then go home and continue chores and even more work. For instance, in the piece an entrepreneur mentions she stops by an upscale gym near her home to grab something healthy to eat. By budgeting an hour each day to take advantage of the venue, she simply refuses to check messages during that time.