Five Tips to Succeed in a Video Interview

According to a new survey conducted by OfficeTeam, six in 10 companies conduct job interviews via video. While this is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to move to another location and have the benefit of modern technology for a virtual interview, there are a few pointers to keep in mind so you sparkle on camera.

1. Test the technology. This goes without saying. For instance, if it’s as basic as a Skype interview or Google+ hangout, test drive it with a friend to ensure you can log in and off properly.

2. Select the right location. In addition, you’ll want the lighting to be good and you’ll want a professional looking background. Noise (and more importantly, lack thereof) is important as well. So, if you live in an apartment complex and there’s a screaming baby in the dwelling beneath you, it may be difficult to hear the interviewer.

3. Go for a trial run. Literally have a friend do a videoconference with you to see how close you sit to the camera, as pointed out in the press release on the OfficeTeam site.

4. Dress the part. Just because it’s a video interview doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Treat it seriously and as if you were getting primped for an office interview.

5. Be confident! This is not any different from an in-person interview so you’ll still need to be prepared for the interview as well as exude confidence. Look directly into the camera when you answer questions and try not to fidget. Above all, remember to smile.