Five Tips For Releasing A Book App

In a panel today at the Mediabistro Publishing App Expo called “Maintaining & Growing Your Book App,” app publishers discussed how to find and keep readers for your book app. We took their advice and came up with the following tips.

1. Make it discoverable: There are thousands of apps available, so think about how a reader will find your app. Use keywords, social media and email to promote your app to existing readers and those searching for something new. Also try to get profiled in the Apple and Android markets, this kind of visibility will increase your downloads.

2. Define partnerships: When working with an app developer make sure you define who owns what. This will save you headaches down the line if you decide to move your content to another app publisher’s network. Think about who owns the code before you get stuck in a sticky situation.

3. Decide how to use updates: While the panelist debated the merits of updates, the bottom line is that you should only use updates when necessary and they should be meaningful. You’ve got your reader’s attention when they are updating, so be sure to add content or fixes that will really improve your app.

4. Make it memorable: Not every publishing company will have the money to make an app as impressive as The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t garner attention. Make a story that people want to read and design the navigation to be an experience that people want to have.

5. Think about global audiences: One of the great thing about the App Store is that you can sell your apps to international audiences. Even if you’ve created your book app for a U.S. based audience, don’t discount the potential of buyers around the globe.