fitbit Activity Tracker Mobile Friendly Website “Officially” Announced

I noted a month ago (Jan. 10) that fitbit (the activity tracker I’ve been using for many months now) provided a mobile friendly website with your personal activity information at:

fitbit Personal Activity Tracker Mobile Friendly Site

However, it looks like fitbit notified their customers about this this week.

Introducing the new, free Fitbit Mobile Website, a powerful new way to get the most from Fitbit. Using your smartphone’s web browser, you can now log food right from the table, enter activities when you finish, or even sneak a peak at your daily stats. It’s designed to be super simple to use from your mobile device (or even an iPad). And it’s free. Hooray!

I noticed that while the mobile site renders correctly (looks as expected) on an iPhone or Android browser, it does not render correctly on a Windows Phone 7 browser.