FishPond Launches New eBookstore Down Under

The Australia and New Zealand eBook market got a little more crowded this week. FishPond, a NZ based web retailer, has just opened its eBookstore.

Fishpond opened the eBookstore with a soft launch, and that gives it a chance to work the bugs out before being inundated with customers. But it is open, and it currently stocks around 60 thousand titles in PDF and Epub. The eBooks are drawn from a number of publishers around the world, including Quercus, Harlequin, Wiley, and more.

It’s not planning to release an official eReader or app, but Fishpond does sell a number of different eReaders that support Epub. Its support pages also recommend the Bluefire app for iPad and iPhone.

It’s good that  Fishpond is working out the bugs, becuase some of the prices are rather expensive. For example, there are a few dozen books with rices of over a thousand dollars, and for most of them that has to be a mistake. Also, all the eBooks in Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series are priced at $18.99, and I hope that’s a mistake (it’s much cheaper here in the US).