FishbowlNY: Easier to Read Than Us Weekly

Check this out. According to a readability test conducted by Muckraked!, FishbowlNY is among the top three most readable blogs, among those Muckracked! raked. Still, we’re not sure if that’s good or bad.


Jossip: 8.17

Gawker: 8.40

FishbowlNY: 8.61

Wonkette: 8.74

Us Weekly: 8.76

Dealbreaker: 9.77

Buzz Machine: 9.92

Romenesko: 9.98

Daily Kos: 10.24

InstaPundit: 10.50

In fact, it appears the only non-blog we trail is Page Six. You know what this means? We’re coming after you, Richard Johnson. And watch your back, Jossip. You too, Gawker. These sentences, they’ll be a gettin’ a mighty bit shorter. Pretty soon we’ll be easier to read than braille.

Who Did Any Reading in High School? [Muckraked!]