FishbowlLA Unearths ‘Lost’ Dick Clark Interview

Two days before Christmas in 1993, Dick Clark spent a half-hour on the telephone with a veteran LA journalist.

Although the purpose of the call was to publicize the 1994 American Music Awards, a ceremony that would be dominated by Whitney Houston, the conversation wound up delightfully encompassing much more. It’s an interview that belies the old saying, “Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be,” as Clark touches on Houston, Michael Jackson, his personal friendships and various other topics.

To mark the one-year anniversary of Clark’s April 18, 2012 passing, FishbowlLA will be publishing the interview in two parts on Thursday and Friday. The time-capsule conversation vividly reminds why the host of American Bandstand and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was so beloved.

It’s not entirely clear why the reporter never made any apparent use of the interview. Having listened to the tape several times, the only thing FishbowlLA can surmise is that the journalist was trying to get Clark to say something “shocking” or “salacious.” But of course, that was never what Clark was about.

In tomorrow’s Part 1, we’ll reveal the name of the reporter who conducted the interview and the circumstances by which we obtained the audiotape. As the rightful owner told us at the time, “Clark’s interview brought me back to a time when people were more respectful, kind and decent to one another.”

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