FishbowlL-gay: The all gay news edition

Great. Now I feel all pressured to come up with a gay news item. brad_pitt_16.jpg

Fortunately, our friends across the pond are happy to provide me with one: Brad Pitt allegedly wants to be gay-for-pay in his next movie, per the Sun.

The conceit of the Sun story is thus: Look how callow these Hollywood stars are – a little Oscar attention, and everyone’s ready to star in “Brokeback Bathhouse!”

I find this intensely comedic, especially since Pitt has long been interested in projects that explore gay life in America well before “Brokeback” – i.e. Universal‘s “Dallas Buyers Club” a look that the early days of the AIDS crisis through the eyes of a homophobic but HIV positive man.

But whatever. Not that the Brit tabs (or the web, for that matter) care about the truth of such things. Even the The Hindustan Times has carried the story with headlines like “Brad Pitt Wants to Go the Gay Way.”

Ah, the web: You’re a fickle mistress, aren’t you?