FishbowlDC Salutes CQ Roll Call’s Kathy Black

Fine Friday morning, FishbowlDC! We’d like to kick start the day by sending a very special shout out to CQ Roll Call VP Kathy Black, the surprise star of the multi-day power outage at 77 K Street a.k.a. NOMAgeddon.  We first met Kathy via Tuesday afternoon memo when the lights went out in the CQ Roll Call newsroom.  Since then, we’ve been trying to persuade her to adopt the Ryan Seacrest-style email sign-off: “Black, out” in honor of the power failure.  Two days and multiple memos later, still no “Black, out.”

But there is a silver lining to to this black cloud.  We’re delighted to report that last night, Kathy, who is also the voice of CQ Roll Call’s phone alert system, announced the newsgroup’s office would reopen today…and she signed off with “Black, out.”

To that we say: who needs power when you’ve got a bright, shining star like Kathy lighting up the office?  That’s why Kathy Black is our Catch o’ the Day!  Please enjoy this video of Heidi Montag‘s hit single “Black Out” in honor of our new friend.