Fishbowl5 With the Other Ezra

We only just discovered TNR‘s web intern Ezra Deutsch-Feldman Tuesday when confusion arose as to whether he was trying to steal the identity of WaPo‘s liberal blogger Ezra Klein, who tweeted, “therecanbeonlyone.”

But as we’re learning, and it might take some patience and acceptance on Klein’s part, there can be two Ezras. There will be two Ezras here in the Fishbowl. And considering one has permanently blocked us on Twitter (wink wink Ezzy Klein) because he snubbed us for CJR, his supposedly real media diet, this new Ezra is our newfound proud and joy.

Introductions: (New Ezra has impeccable manners.) “Hello Betsy! Thank you again for all this attention, it is entirely unexpected and exciting. Here are my answers to your questions; sorry about the formatting, but I’m on the web version of Outlook and it’s very limited. So hopefully the photo I’ve attached will go through as well. It was taken from atop the Capitol Dome when I was a congressional intern last fall. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. Thanks, Ezra Deutsch-Feldman. No, thank you Ezra.

Ezra. That’s a really interesting name. Why did your parents name you that? I was named after Ezra Klein.

Some basics: Where did you grow up? How did you get to TNR? How old are you? Are you still in college? If so, where? If not, where did you get your BA? I grew up in the DC area, first in the District and then in Bethesda. I graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in political science in 2009, and I’m 22 (and three quarters!).

What led you to journalism and where do you want to be after your internship? I’ve been interested in politics and political communication for a long time, and while I’d ultimately like to work on the political side rather than the journalism side, I think it will help to have experience in a news office. After this, I’d like to get a job in a congressional office or political consulting firm – if you are reading this and want to hire me, send me an e-mail! I am a great worker.

What’s your dream job (someday)? I’d like to be the guy that political campaigns send out to TV shows to yell and argue with the guys from the opposing campaign.

Finally, how do you feel about sharing a first name with Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein? Do you read him? Do you like his work? I think I speak for all 23 Ezras at my Jewish day school when I say we are happy to see a fellow Ezra succeed. We think he’s a great policy writer and is an invaluable asset to progressives in this country. But we wish he would come to our annual Ezrafest convention, held in Milwaukee every August.