Fishbowl Charlotte

On Wednesday in Charlotte, as word spread early that the POTUS speech in Bank of America Stadium was being moved indoors, the media sprang into full-blown panic wondering what to do. Who would be allowed in? Would all those man hours go to waste? Would the Foo Fighters still be performing on Thursday night? What are we to do?!?!?!

In the midst of the chaos, we captured shots of some of our favorite convention goers for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Radio host Geraldo Rivera was “ambushed” by a Fox News reporter and TV crew. When the crew came up behind Rivera, he squealed, “Oh my goodness, is this a real Bill O’Reilly ambush?!”

While walking around the area, we spotted this young lady wearing a sharp, black dress with awful hot pink running shoes matched with these loud argyle socks.

On our walk to the convention center, I spotted this doughy doppelgänger. We’ll just call him Abraham Lincoln, Doughnut Hunter.

What’s a political convention without freebies? Throughout the day there are food samples, literature and even massages. Here is one delegate receiving one of the complimentary rubdowns.

After a long day of freak spotting, I just wanted to go to the hotel, watch a little TV and grab a party nap. Unfortunately, this lady decided that she didn’t want to watch what I was watching and stuck her ass in my face while she looked for something else on the idiot box. Smile, lady! You’re on Fishbowl Charlotte!

The weirdness didn’t end when I got back in my rental car for the evening. As I was backing out, I spotted a pants-less man digging through his car for some clothes, a toothbrush and possibly some self-respect. Not sure if he ever found it, but here’s the grainy pic taken from the rear-view camera in my rental car. You have been warned.



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