Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know…)

What’s Driving the Day: It’s Mike Allen’s mom’s birthday! Who better to get a shout-out in Politico‘s Playbook that Barbara Powers Allen, Playbook’s mom. One quibble: Allen couldn’t give her a standalone item? She had to share with J-Mart (a.k.a. colleague Jonathan Martin)?  Her birthday is tomorrow.

Most jarring weekend line in an advice column…. WaPo‘s not giving up on that cringe-worthy workplace advice column. In this weekend’s installment, Karla Miller, who dispenses the advice, tries to boost a male job seeker’s ego by way of this headline: “Does a ringless finger scream ‘loser’?”. In a nutshell, a 51-year-old man says he has never had a romantic relationship “of any kind” and wants to wear a wedding ring to his next interview to make himself appear more stable. At one point in her answer, we want to seriously look away from this train wreck as she asks, “Is there no one whose company you’ve enjoyed for years, even if you haven’t seen each other naked?” Thanks Karla! Hope the poor guy doesn’t do anything rash.

Take that D.C. Cabbies! National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg points out the news that passengers will soon be able to hit a panic button if the driver acts like an ass and starts attacking. He also pays attention to the D.C. Taxi commish Ron Linton‘s hair seen on an ABC7 story. The hair is pretty spectacular, we must admit. Did he get a perm? Read here.

Weigel hangs out in Sanford, Fla. – “I’ll be in this city for a few days as the outrage and leaks about the Trayvon Martin shooting keep flowing,” writes Slate’s Dave Weigel this morning.