Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know…)

Everyone Poops (Even Newt)Politico’s Patrick Gavin brings us details of Newt Gingrich’s rider for his speaking engagements as first reported by The Smoking Gun.  Before Gingrich announced his run for President, he brought in 50,000 dollars in speaking fees and had first class accommodations.  It’s all pretty standard stuff for a celebrity of his stature except for one little nugget we found hard to digest.  When it came to his accomodations, Gingrich asks for a room “preferably with two bathrooms.”  Looking at Newt, we imagine this has something to do with the frequency in which he clogs toilets.  Or maybe he has to have his and hers potties.  One for him and one for Calista.  Either way, enjoy the mental image of Newt Gingrich going Number Two in his own private hotel bathroom, America!

Obama Prefers Kroft – President Obama clearly has a thing for Steve Kroft of CBS News.  Obama sat down with Kroft in Kansas yesterday for an interview that will air later this week.  This is Obama’s 12th interview with Kroft, including the times he sat down with him as candidate Obama.  We confirmed with Mark Knoller via twitter that this was Obama’s sixth interview with Kroft since being elected President.

Who Wants to Date A Blogger – Fashion trend website Refinery 29 must think that bloggers are a real catch.  They tracked down a few eligible DC bloggers to get their advice on how to run a perfect date.  (Because when you absolutely MUST have the perfect date scenario, put it in the hands of a blogger.)  To be a blogger and score really great dates, you must have an amazing rape kit roofie stash personality.  Daniel Newhauser of Roll Call says he loves the DC dating pool because it’s full of women with beauty AND brains.   Daniel does bring up a good point, though.  The thing he hates most about the D.C. dating scene is that it is “far too acceptable” to talk politics on a first date.