Fiscal Times Will Have Powerhouse Of Journos, Content

jackie.jpgNow see, this is the kind of publication we hope to see more of in 2010: The Fiscal Times, set to launch next year, will be an online-only entity that “will aim to drive the conversation surrounding our nation’s most pressing economic issues.”

Sure, there are plenty of economic blogs out there right now, but there are two things that make us excited about The Fiscal Times. One is its content sharing agreement: the news org already has a deal with The Washington Post, and is working on arrangements with other publications, much in the way that The Business Insider has done. Secondly, The Fiscal Times really has culled some of the best financial reporters and editors: Ann Reilly Dowd, formerly of Fortune and Money; Elaine Povich from The Chicago Tribune and Newsday; Dan Morgan, an ex-investigative reporter for The Washington Post and Eric Pianin, a 28-year veteran of The Washington Post. What’s more, TFT’s editor-in-chief is Jackie Leo (at left), who formerly held the same position at Reader’s Digest and was editorial director of Consumer Reports.

With this group, it finally makes sense why the organizations that are sharing content would actually want to take articles from The Fiscal Times, and not the other way around.

Says one of the founders of the publication, Peter G. Peterson, “The Fiscal Times is a new entity whose time has come, an independently supported publication comprised of top journalists and opinion makers covering the critical economic issues of our time.” We might actually believe him.

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The Fiscal Times’ Twitter

The Fiscal Times to Launch in Early 2010

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New Digital News Publication Will Offer Independent Reporting and Opinion on Fiscal, Budgetary, Economic and Political Issues

Roster of Experienced Journalists

First Content Sharing Agreement with Washington Post

WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ –The Fiscal Times (TFT), a new independent digital news publication devoted to quality reporting on vital fiscal, budgetary, health care and international economic issues will launch in early 2010, it was announced today. The news operation will begin publishing with a roster of experienced journalists and leading opinion contributors, whose reporting and insights will aim to drive the conversation surrounding our nation’s most pressing economic issues.

As “The Source for All Things Fiscal,” TFT will develop the widest possible range of reporting and commentary on key fiscal matters. The Fiscal Times also announced that it is entering into content-sharing arrangements with other prominent online publications and newspapers. The first media partnership to be announced is a content sharing agreement with The Washington Post, which will begin in 2009.

“There has never been a greater public appetite for the kind of groundbreaking reporting and commentary The Fiscal Times is committed to producing,” said Peter G. Peterson, who helped found the publication and will provide its initial funding. “The Fiscal Times is a new entity whose time has come, an independently supported publication comprised of top journalists and opinion makers covering the critical economic issues of our time.”

“TFT enters a media landscape characterized by increasingly popular niche and investigative news sources,” said Jackie Leo, the publication’s editor-in-chief. “By creating a publication that seeks to become the most trusted news source for unbiased journalism covering government policy and economic issues, we believe we will find an underserved readership.”

“For better or worse, the eyes of the financial world from New York to Hong Kong to London are now focused squarely on Washington,” said Eric Pianin, Washington editor of The Fiscal Times. “The decisions being made here right now will have generational implications. Our reporting will bring these Washington decision makers and the issues into focus and attempt to make sense out of the debate.”


The Fiscal Times and the Washington Post have agreed to jointly produce content focusing on budget and fiscal issues that will be available to both publications. The content will complement the Post’s budget and finance coverage, and will include profiles of key government officials, explanations of important budget trends or proposals and investigative analysis of government spending programs. Arrangements with other publications will be announced as agreements are finalized.

Veteran Journalists

The Fiscal Times boasts an impressive group of veteran journalists, who will be writing for the new publication, including:

* Editor-in-Chief Jackie Leo, former editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest and Editorial Director of Consumer Reports
* Washington Editor Eric Pianin, a former editor and budget reporter at the Washington Post
* Ann Reilly Dowd, former Washington Bureau chief for Fortune and Money magazines
* David Ewing Duncan, a journalist, television producer and author who has written widely on health care and science
* Merrill Goozner, a health care blogger and former Asia correspondent and chief financial writer for the Chicago Tribune
* Katherine Reynolds Lewis, former Bloomberg News and Newhouse News Service financial reporter
* Dan Morgan, former Washington Post investigative and congressional reporter and author
* Elaine Povich, a former congressional and budget reporter for the Chicago Tribune and Newsday

The Fiscal Times Advisory Board

An Advisory Committee consisting of leading professional journalists and public policy experts will monitor the operations of The Fiscal Times and periodically meet with editors and executives to assess performance and progress in meeting its goals and standards.

* Robert D. Reischauer, President of the Urban Institute and former director of the Congressional Budget Office
* Jodie T. Allen, senior editor of the Pew Research Center, former managing editor and political columnist for U.S. News & World Report, and editor of the Washington Post Sunday “Outlook” section
* Drew Altman, President and CEO of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and former commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services.
* Jim Brady, President, Digital Strategy, Allbritton Communications and former Executive Editor of
* G. William Hoagland, CIGNA Corporation’s Public Policy Group director and former policy and budget adviser to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) and staff director of the Senate Budget Committee

About The Fiscal Times

As “The Source for All Things Fiscal,” The Fiscal Times will present balanced and accurate reporting and serve as an honest broker in sorting through a broad range of viewpoints. The senior editors and producers have sole responsibility for the selection, editing and display of articles, graphics, illustrations and video that appear on the site. The Fiscal Times has been established as a limited liability company and has been funded initially by Peter G. Peterson. The editorial staff will operate from offices in New York and at the National Press Building in Washington, D.C.