How To Use Topsy To Find Your First Tweets [TWITTER TIPS]

Today, social analytics platform Topsy has unveiled a huge upgrade, adding Twitter’s entire history of 425 billion public tweets to its archives, which are available in all Topsy products, including the free tools on

What this means is that you can freely and quickly search every public tweet ever written on Topsy, including (but not limited to) your own.

And because you can view these tweets in reverse-chronological order, it’s now really, really easy to see your first-ever tweets.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Head over to
2. Above the search box, click on the TWEETS tab
3. Enter from:username in the search box, where username is the Twitter @username you wish to search

4. Click the search icon
5. In the Latest Results box on the left sidebar, select All Time
6. In the Sort by box in the top right, select Oldest

Voila. The first 10 tweets you (or whichever @username you selected) wrote. Click the date on any tweet and you can see the original on Twitter. Here, for example, is my premier appearance, from March 8th, 2008:

Such wisdom. Amazingly, more than five years later, it still stands up. It was so good, in fact, I didn’t come back to Twitter for 23 days.

Now over to you. What was your first tweet? Hit the comments to let us know.