First Hacks Now Appearing for the Kindle Touch

It’s only been 3 days since the Kindle Touch was first hacked and we’re already seeing new and useful apps to run on it.

Jesse Vincent, one of the first Kindle hackers (he developed Savory for the K2 long before any official app support), has released a todo app. It uses the exploit that was revealed on Saturday, and should run on any Kindle Touch, even an unhacked one. WafflesTodo is still in beta, but it shouldn’t harm your Kindle Touch.

This app works on the Kindle Touch because of a minor flaw in the software (like most hacks). In this case, the flaw is that the Kindle Touch displays the names of mp3 as html, not text. This means that one can insert code into an mp3 title and the Kindle Touch will execute it. Given the obviousness of this flaw, it seems likely that Amazon will patch it before long.