First Bon Appétit Under Adam Rapoport Set to Debut

Adam Rapoport has a tough job ahead of him at Bon Appétit, but judging from a look at the first issue under his guidance, it seems like he might just do alright. The May issue, which hits newsstands on the 19th, is brighter, bolder, and to borrow a cooking term – fresher.

Aside from clean pictures of foods we could never dream of mastering, there are new columns about seasonal eating, how to translate meals for the family, and even a bit of a pop culture presence, with an interview with comedian Aziz Ansari.

As Rapoport himself says in his first Editor’s Letter, the idea behind the magazine remains the same, it’s just being updated a bit:

Everyone on this staff, from the creative director to the research editor, loves to cook, eats with conviction, and never hesitates to tell you where he or she ate last weekend. Food matters to us. And this might sound corny and earnest, but I really believe that having good food in your life makes your life better. It makes your family happier and your time with your friends more enjoyable.

To that end, the core of what has made the magazine so strong for 55 years won’t change. Bon Appetit is still going to be about cooking. But how we present this information will differ a bit. We don’t want to just tell you what to cook–we want to tell you how to cook it, and why to cook it, now.

A well put touch on a strong start for the magazine.