First All-Green Movie Studio to be Built…In Plymouth, Mass.?


Speaking of greening things up and the greening LEEDening of the world, we ran across this interesting press release about a massive, very green production studio complex being built in Plymouth, Massachusetts called Plymouth Rock Studios. Headed up by mega-firm Gensler, the campus will sit on 240 acres and feature things like 14 sound stages, a hotel, office buildings, theaters, and so on. Just gigantic. And they’re making sure it’s all as green as it possibly can, with their LEED standards in place and even registered with the United States Green Building Council, giving it the possible title of “world’s first completely ‘green’ studio complex.” That it’s being built in Massachusetts confuses us a bit, as we’re always a little concerned when gigantic production houses sprout up outside of LA’s grip, but hey, if they can do it and make it all work somehow, we give them the official UnBeige blessing and wish them many good fortunes.