“We, the undersigned, are becoming increasingly concerned about the well-being of NBC News’ Chief White House Correspondent David Gregory. He has become increasingly ill due to Bush Derangement Syndrome and has turned to alcohol in an attempt to sustain this illness.”

So begins the website, dedicated to–you guessed it–petitioning for Gregory’s removal from the White House beat. So far, they claim 2317 signatories.

The website singles out two events that apparently justify Gregory’s firing: Calling Scott McClellan a jerk and his giggle-fest on the Imus show. Both of these events, according to the website, “illustrate serious breaches in journalistic integrity.”

Of course, most ironic is the fact that this website feels qualified to speak of “journalistic integrity” despite the fact that they claim, without any conclusive evidence, that Gregory was definitively drunk. (See the caption “Gregory Drunk On National TV”)