Journo’s Pro Tip: ‘Avoid Travel-Writerese’

The Irish Times Amateur Travel Writing Competition is off and running.

FionnDavenportTwitterCurrently open for submissions, The Irish Times Amateur Travel Writing Competition will send one lucky winner abroad and publish the resulting article in the newspaper’s weekend magazine supplement. To help guide potential participants, the paper rounded up some tips from its professional writers.

There’s a lot of great advice here, starting with this bit from Fionn Davenport (pictured):

Avoid using the particularly noxious language that is travel-writerese. The sea is rarely (sadly) emerald green and there’s never been a “breathtaking” sunset, unless someone has punched you in the solar plexus just as the sun was going down. And, speaking of precious stones, the only time you can describe something as a ‘hidden gem’ is if you’ve actually unearthed a diamond from the dirt, in which case you’re in Clover and can write anything you want – but it’s never acceptable to describe a restaurant as an “eatery.”

Others chiming in with guidance are Saturday magazine editor Orna Mulcahy, travel writer Manchan Magan, feature writer Rosita Boland, feature writer Patrick Freyne, health editor Joyce Hickey, features editor Conor Goodman, features digital editor Gary Quinn, feature writer Ciara Kenny, food writer Marie-Claire Digby and special reports editor Edel Morgan. The beauty of this compilation is that it’s useful advice for any and all engaged in the travel writing game.
[Photo via: @fionndavenport]