Finger Olympic, NASA Television, Fix-it Felix Jr. and more on this week’s top free iOS apps

Olympic-themed apps are still enjoying the London 2012 Olympics as millions of people turn to their smartphones to get the latest updates, scores or play games inspired by the events. Mauro Garcia’s Finger Olympic game takes the No. 1 spot on this week’s top free iPhone apps chart while NBC Olympics Live Extra and NBC Olympics take the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on this week’s top free iPad apps chart.

The NASA Television app also sees the benefit of making news, climbing an impressive 143 spots up this week’s free iPad apps chart to take the No. 6 spot as millions watched the Curiosity rover land safely on the surface of Mars.

Other notable gainers this week are App Minis’ Design This Home which climbed 60 spots on the free iPhone app chart and 53 spots on the free iPad app chart, and Disney’s Fix-it Felix Jr. (based on Disney’s upcoming animated movie Wreck-it Ralph) which climbed 23 spots on the free iPhone app chart.

This week’s top free iPhone apps

1.Finger Olympic1=
2.The Heist2▲9
3.Where’s My Perry? Free3▼1
4.360 Panorama4=
5.Stickman Snowboarder Free5=
6.SongPop Free6=
8.Shooting Showdown8▼1
10.xNBC Olympics Live Extra10▼1
11.InstaCollage Pro11▲1
12.Super Slots™12▼4
13.Agent Dash13▲2
14.Flashlight Ⓞ14▼1
15.Monster Life™15▲1
16.Flow Free16▲1
17.Design This Home17▲60
18.Fix-it Felix Jr.18▲23
19.Gears & Guts19▼1
20.Restaurant Story: World Games20▼1
22.Bubble Mania™22▼2
23.NBC Olympics23▼2
24.Kik Messenger24▼2

This week’s top free iPad apps

1.NBC Olympics Live Extra1=
2.NBC Olympics2=
3.Where’s My Perry? Free3▲1
4.Amazon Instant Video4▼1
5.Monster Life™5=
6.NASA Television6▲143
7.Super Slots™7▼1
8.Agent Dash8=
9.360 Panorama9▼2
10.Gears & Guts10▼1
11.Skype for iPad11▼1
12.Design This Home12▲53
13.Happy Street13▼1
14.The Weather Channel® for iPad14▼1
15.Shooting Showdown15▼1
16.SongPop Free16=
17.Stickman Snowboarder HD Free17▲12
19.Restaurant Story: World Games19▲2
21.Temple Run21▼4
22.Jurassic Park™ Builder22▼2
24.Shiver: Poltergeist24▼9
25.The Treasures of Montezuma 325▼6

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